Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Postfix + Dovecot + SSL/TLS

Ok so I was trying the next step. After getting Postfix+Dovecot working with plain text authentication. I wanted to try TLS. I saw these errors:

warning: xsasl_cyrus_server_get_mechanism_list: no applicable SASL mechanisms
fatal: no SASL authentication mechanisms

Solutions is to yum install cyrus-sasl-plain

Here is the source

TLSv1 has deprecated SSLv3, and Dovecot seems to use it by default, but if that doesn't work then edit configuration files in /etc/dovecot/ directory.

Dovecot SSL Setup:
Dovecot SSL from Official Website
Here is another very useful HOWTO guide:
CentOS + Postfix + Dovecot + SASL + SSL

To check if SSL/TLS is being used:
openssl s_client -connect mail.platinumfactor.com:995
(Thanks to mick_laptop on #dovecot on Freenode for help in testing)

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